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18th January 2018

Elaine Pacey Postal Address

Elaine Pacey has changed her postal address. For those needing to post any documentation to Elaine, please contact Diane Tomkinson or Barbara Harper for her new address.

Please also be reminded that post should not be sent recorded delivery unless there is a specific requirement. If this is the case, please contact the relevant person before doing so.

18th January 2018

Tagging Update

Due to laptop issues we've been out of action with updating tagging records from the tagging@national-autograss.co.uk inbox for the past month or so. We're now back up and running with this and are in the process of catching up with the updates we've received.

Please don't forget that if you have purchased a car that is already tagged, it is your responsibility to change ownership details by completing the form on the tagging page of our website.

There is also a form on the website to complete if any of your details have changed – this would include a change of club or race number.

All league chairman/secretaries were given a list of the current tag numbers for everyone in their leagues at the recent NASA AGM – if you are unsure whether your tag record is correct, please contact you league in the first instance to check this. If following this, your records are not correct, please contact us on the email address above and we will do our best to assist.

1st January 2018

Website Updated

Our website has today been updated with all the 2018 Fixtures, 2018 Club / League details as well as more information relevant to the year ahead.

1st January 2018

NASA AGM Minutes

Minutes of the NASA Company AGM and League Representatives AGM are now online.

27th November 2017

NASA AGM - Directors and Committee

Following the NASA AGM on Sunday 27th November, we confirm the below changes to the NASA Committee and Board:

Keith Matthews was due for re-election to the Board of Directors but decided not to stand for re-election. We thank Keith for his time and effort put into the Board of Directors over the last three years.

Barbara Harper has stood for re-election to the Board of Directors and has duly been re-elected.

Jeffrey Parish has stood for re-election to the Board of Directors and has duly been re-elected.

Jason Baker stood for election to the Board of Directors and has duly been elected.

Ernie Ashley and Emyr "Oily" Evans both stood for Association Chairman. Emyr Evans was duly voted as your new Chairman.

Lynn Thomas has been re-elected as Association Vice Chairman.

Diane Tomkinson has been re-elected as Association Secretary.

Dave George and Ady Taylor have both been elected to join Rob Simmonds as NASA Assistant Scrutineers.

Dave Bennett has been re-elected as NASA Chief Marshall.

Stuart Thomas has been re-elected as NASA Deputy Chief Marshall.

24th October 2017

Class Two Suspension Update

Following the October meeting, NASA scrutineers hoped to announce changes to class 2 suspension, there have been lots of discussions on the subject over the last 6 months with the main purpose for any change being, to reduce cost to the competitors.

Going into the October meeting a rule had been decided, it faced some criticism from scrutineers present, amendments were made at that meeting and the final format has been considered, due to the short time between now and the 2018 season the rule change will not be implemented until January 2019, conformation of the final rule will be issued during early 2018.

Anyone with anything to say on this or any other subject, especially if they have constructive ideas, should do so through the correct channels, club or league Scrutineers, club or league meetings or email NASA scrutineers direct, email addresses can be found on the NASA website.

Vernon Mackenzie


Sunday 25th February

Scunthorpe - 10.00am - RO
Practice Day



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Autosport International

13th - 14th January 2018

NEC, Birmingham

Mens Nationals

4th - 5th August 2018

Hosted By South Wales League

Ladies & Juniors Nationals

18th - 19th August 2018

Hosted By South Wales League