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24th October 2017

Class Two Suspension Update

Following the October meeting, NASA scrutineers hoped to announce changes to class 2 suspension, there have been lots of discussions on the subject over the last 6 months with the main purpose for any change being, to reduce cost to the competitors.

Going into the October meeting a rule had been decided, it faced some criticism from scrutineers present, amendments were made at that meeting and the final format has been considered, due to the short time between now and the 2018 season the rule change will not be implemented until January 2019, conformation of the final rule will be issued during early 2018.

Anyone with anything to say on this or any other subject, especially if they have constructive ideas, should do so through the correct channels, club or league Scrutineers, club or league meetings or email NASA scrutineers direct, email addresses can be found on the NASA website.

Vernon Mackenzie

11th October 2017

NASA Committee / Director Elections

Please be reminded that anyone wishing to apply to be a Director or a NASA Committee Member but submit their nominations (with proposers, seconders and CV) need to be in by Monday 16th October.

Electable NASA Committee Positions include: Chairman, Secretary, Scrutineer & Assistant Scrutineer, Scrutineers' Secretary, Chief Marshal & Assistant Chief Marshall, Marshalls' Secretary.

All emails will be acknowledged, so if you do not receive a response, please check its received.

27th September 2017

Drug Testing Update

NASA would like to make the following announcement to prevent any unnecessary rumours being circulated.

Experimental, voluntary drug tests were carried out at the Men's National Championships this year and one volunteer came back with a non-negative result. A non-negative result indicates that there could be many reasons for the result, which would include prescription drugs as well as illegal narcotics.

The volunteer then gave samples to be laboratory tested. NASA have now had the laboratory results back showing no traces of any illegal narcotic substances.

Please be aware that NASA have now concluded the voluntary tests, but mandatory tests will now be carried out as and when these are considered to be required.

18th September 2017

2018 BAS & UKAC Dates and Venues

We can officially announce the 2018 British Autograss Series and UK Autograss Championships dates and venues:

British Autograss Series:
Round One - 26/27 May - York
Round Two - 23/24 June - Cwmdu
Round Three - 21/22 July - Scunthorpe
Round Four - 08/09 September - Yorkshire Dales
Round Five - 22/23 September - Stroud
RESERVE DATE - 29/30 September

UK Autograss Championships:
Round One - 26/27 May - Penhow
Round Two - 23/24 June - Southern League
Round Three - 21/22 July - York
Round Four - 08/09 September - Cambridge
Round Five - 22/23 September - Nottingham
RESERVE DATE - 29/30 September

22nd August 2017

2017 Ladies & Juniors National Provisional Results

Following the post-race scrutineering checks, a full list of results is now available. As is usual procedure, camshafts from the Class 1, Class 2 and Juniors Special winners and runners-up have been retained for independent checking and the results will be confirmed as final once these checks are completed.

Please Click Here to view the provisional results.

9th August 2017

2017 Mens National Provisional Results

All post-race scrutineering checks carried out on the day were satisfactory. As is usual procedure, camshafts from the Class 1 and Class 2 winners and runners-up have been retained for independent checking and the results will be confirmed as final once these checks are completed.

Please Click Here to view the provisional results.

1st August 2017

Ladies & Juniors National Passes

The passes for competitors at the Ladies & Juniors National Autograss Championships will be available for League Officials to collect at the Mens Nationals from race control.


Sunday 10th December

Trent - 10.00am - RO
Additional Meeting

Saturday 13th & Sunday 14th January 2018

The Autosport International Show
NEC, Birmingham


Our Top Three Meetings

The three you don't want to miss - the pinnacles of our sport...

Autosport International

13th - 14th January 2018

NEC, Birmingham

Mens Nationals

4th - 5th August 2017

Hosted By South Wales League

Ladies & Juniors Nationals

18th - 19th August

Hosted By South Wales League