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6th January 2019

A Look Back

With the Autosport International now less than a week away, let's take a look back to see just some of our representation at the 2018 Show.. We look forward to impressing once again next weekend.

1st January 2019

2019 Fixtures

The time has come to start looking forward to the 2019 with the release of the 2019 Fixtures! Take a look and see how full your 2019 calendar is about to be!

30th December 2018

Newsletter - Ussue 14

Ready for the New Year? So are we! With updates from the NASA AGM, the upcoming NEC and Motorsport with Attitude shows as well as updates on Tyres and Class Four for the future.

23rd December 2018

Merry Christmas!

The Board would like to extend their best wishes to all our drivers, members, officials and spectators for a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

2018 has once again seen some extremely impressive, close racing which leaves 2019 with the highest of tasks to beat it and we look forward to you all providing us once more with the close and fast paced racing we have all become accustomed to!

We cannot end the year without thanking all our officials from national to club level, at the forfront and behind the scenes for all their tireless work to ensure the smooth running of race meetings and indeed the sport over 2018.

Merry Christmas to you all and a very Happy New Year.

17th December 2018

Tyre Rules - Update

Tyres are restricted.

For drive axles and / or drive wheels control tyres will apply.
The application of control tyres will remain effective until 31 December 2021, however NASA reserve the right to modify the tyre regulations without notice at anytime. All tyres used on drive wheels after July 1st 2019 will have to be tested and agreed by NASA prior to use, approved tyres will be listed under option A or option B on the NASA permitted tyre list. Prior to July 1st 2019 competitors may use any existing stock of tyres as long as they meet the 2018 tyre regulations.

There will be 3 options, A, B and wet weather, competitors may use tyres that comply with either option on a drive axle, mixing and matching of option A and option B and / or wet weather tyres on the same axle is permitted.

All tyre identification markings must be present and visible on each of the tyre side walls. ( removal of identification markings is not permitted). The shore hardness value must be marked on all option A tyres, this marking must be clearly visible, non removable and applied during the tyre manufacturing process. (sticky labels or branding iron markings are not permitted ). Tyres that are not marked with the shore hardness value during manufacturing will be deemed as option B tyres and must comply with option B regulations.

The tread block / pattern / profile must be pre formed, made during the manufacturing process ( alteration or modification to original manufacturers tread pattern by tyre cutting is not allowed ). All tyres wether control tyres or other must have a speed rating of a minimum of 75 mph ( L speed symbol ). M and S tyres are permitted subject to drive and non drive axles and control tyre restrictions. Motorcycle tyres are prohibited.

Tyre hardness is restricted and must comply with the following. Random checks of hardness will be carried out by means of a durometer, the checks will be made by authorised NASA officials and tyres may be checked at anytime. Tyre manufacturers may incorporate a test block into the tyre tread pattern during the manufacturing process, otherwise readings will be taken from the most suitable tread block available. For non control tyres ( non drive wheels ) the shore hardness is free.

Control tyres option A and option B must have a minimum shore hardness of 60 when the tyre is new or in new condition, when tyres are tested in any other circumstances there will be a minimum of 55 to allow for tyre condition and temperature etc. No tyre should ever measure under 55 shore hardness, if an option A or option B tyre is measured under the minimum limit the driver will face disciplinary action.

Option A tyres must be of a type supplied by a manufacturer / supplier as shown on the NASA permitted list of suppliers only ( supplier list currently being updated ) the tyre tread pattern must be of a type permitted by NASA and subject to random testing as described.

Option B tyres must be an E marked car road going new or remould tyre that are permitted in law for road use only, the tyres must be available from any regular uk tyre distributor and must have a shore hardness rating of a minimum of 60 shore. The cost of the tyre must be such that it has or has had an initial sales value inclusive of vat of less than £50, NASA will maintain a register of approved option B tyre makes / patterns, tyres not on the register are prohibited.

It is the responsibility of the competitor to ensure that his / her option A or option B tyres comply with the NASA minimum shore hardness requirements.

When a tyre is inspected and is not to the satisfaction of the authorised NASA official then it is deemed as being in contravention of the NASA vehicle construction rules and will not be eligible for use. It is the competitors responsibility to contact a Scrutineer or authorised NASA official to confirm that tyres are eligible before use. Tyre tread patterns must be only as permitted by NASA, tyre tread patterns will be subject to regular review by NASA to ensure suitability for Autograss racing, NASA reserves the right to amend the permitted tyre tread pattern requirements at any time. Tyre width is restricted, the maximum allowed tyre width is 225.

Wet weather tyres are restricted and must be listed by NASA for wet weather use only. Wet weather tyres permitted will be listed separately by NASA and are exempt from shore hardness control, wet weather tyres can be fitted to any axle / wheel. Wet weather tyres are subject to NASA eligibility rules.

Tyres may be fitted with inner tubes, the placing of liquid into a tyre or inner tube is prohibited. The use of tyre softener is prohibited.

NASA will invite tyre suppliers to a tyre meeting during each season to discuss the next year and any concerns.


12th & 13th January 2019

Autosport International 2019
NEC, Birmingham

Our Top Three Meetings

The three you don't want to miss - the pinnacles of our sport...

Autosport International

12th - 13th January 2019

NEC, Birmingham

Mens Nationals

3rd - 4th August 2019

Hosted By Evesham Autograss Club

Ladies & Juniors Nationals

31st Aug - 1st Sept 2019

Hosted By Southern League