Class Two

This class is another great one for beginners to the sport and for those starting their Autograss career; those racing on a low budget and those who wish to race either front or rear wheel drive vehicles, although the front wheel drive cars have become far more dominant over the years.

There are limited modifications allowed in Class Two, the engine and gearbox must remain basically standard within strictly enforced measurements. All the fuel-air mixture must pass through a single 32mm diameter restrictor.

These measurements help to ensure that costs are kept well within affordable limits and that close racing remains at both Club and National level.

Cars that may be used in this class may either be front or rear wheel drive saloons or hatchbacks.

The engine must be of a maximum capacity of 1300cc. To limit the use of 'odd' or 'specialist'cars, the type of vehicle make and model are restricted to those listed in the original 'Palgrave' or 'Glasses Guide Technical Services Data Manual'.

At present, there are over 200 types of vehicle permitted to race in this class.

Click Here to take a look at the rulebook.

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