Previous National Champions

The historic winners of our great sport.

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Worth Noting

There are going to be some details "missing", to explain why, please note the following:

Mens Class Seven was not included in the National Championships until 1978.

Ladies & Juniors
Only Ladies Classes One, Four and Eight competed at the National Championships until 1979.
The Ladies Nationals ran within the Mens Nationals until 1984 from when the event became a separate, two day event.
Junior Saloons were only incorporated into the Nationals from 1984.
The Junior Special Class was born in 2005, hence no National Champion before this.

Our Top Three Meetings

The three you don't want to miss - the pinnacles of our sport...

Autosport International

13th - 14th January 2018

NEC, Birmingham

Mens Nationals

4th - 5th August 2017

Hosted By South Wales League

Ladies & Juniors Nationals

18th - 19th August

Hosted By South Wales League