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The NASA website NASA Rules & Regulations documents are until further notice a substitute for the previous NASA Rules and Regulations booklets.

The rules in the website NASA Rules & Regulations documents will apply.

Competitors will be required to obtain a NASA Members Handbook and NASA Competition License prior to taking part in Autograss racing.

Nationals Pre-Scrutineering Checks

For the Nationals Pre-Scrutineering Check List to be used for the Fast Track Scrutineering at both Nationals, please Click Here.


For full information on the rollcage tagging, including a form to update ownership, please Click Here.

Recent Updates

24th October 2017

Class Two Suspension Update

Following the October meeting, NASA scrutineers hoped to announce changes to class 2 suspension, there have been lots of discussions on the subject over the last 6 months with the main purpose for any change being, to reduce cost to the competitors.

Going into the October meeting a rule had been decided, it faced some criticism from scrutineers present, amendments were made at that meeting and the final format has been considered, due to the short time between now and the 2018 season the rule change will not be implemented until January 2019, conformation of the final rule will be issued during early 2018.

Anyone with anything to say on this or any other subject, especially if they have constructive ideas, should do so through the correct channels, club or league Scrutineers, club or league meetings or email NASA scrutineers direct, email addresses can be found on the NASA website.

Vernon Mackenzie

2nd February 2017

Scrutineering 2017

During the 2017 season The scrutineering team will be working to bring you some new rule books, they will be steered more towards the individual classes, they will be easier to understand and we hope to do away with any grey areas there may have been in previous publications.

In 2017 we will work to the 2015 rule book along with any updates that have been agreed since then, there will be a simplified list below as a reminder to competitors, the rules will take immediate effect unless stated otherwise.

If there is anything that isn't clear then please. Contact your club or league scrutineers to make sure.

Please also remember that no car will be allowed to race without a blue roll cage tag in 2017.

Click Here to view full update.

19th July 2016

Pick Up Guide

Following recent investigations, NASA wish to reiterate the rulings on the use of a Mini Pick Up. For more information, please see the Pick Up Guide from Vernon Mackenzie.

Click Here to view the Pick Up Guide measurements.

Our Top Three Meetings

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Autosport International

13th - 14th January 2018

NEC, Birmingham

Mens Nationals

4th - 5th August 2017

Hosted By South Wales League

Ladies & Juniors Nationals

18th - 19th August

Hosted By South Wales League